The DV 2018 Program

DV 2018 Dates

The registration period for DV-2018 ran from October 4, 2016, till November 7, 2016.

Entrant Status Check became possible Tuesday May 2, 2017, at 12:00 EDT (noon).

Fiscal Year

The U.S. Government uses a so-called Fiscal Year that is different from a Calendar Year. A Fiscal Year runs from October 1st in one year till September 30th in the next year.

The DV-program usually is opened on the first day of a fiscal year and is closed at the end of the second fiscal year thereafter.

After September 30, 2018, at 00:00 EDT – the end of fiscal year 2018 – no more Diversity Visas will be issued for the DV-2018 Program.

Nota Bene: A Selected Entrant can only submit a Visa Application during the duration of the program for which he or she was selected. A Winner cannot wait and apply for his/her visa during a later Visa Lottery program.

Being selected in the Visa Lottery is not transferable. You cannot give away or sell your winning Case Number.

Selection Notice

The DV-program is administered completely electronically through the Visa Lottery (eDV) website. Entries on paper are not accepted. Checking whether you are selected or not must also be done on the eDV website. If you are selected you will see a notification. All others get the message ‘Your Entry has NOT been Selected’.

The Notice of Selection directs winners to a Confirmation Page providing further instructions. This Barcoded Notice is called the First Notification Letter or KCC 1st NL.

Most DV-program Entrants live outside of the U.S. If selected their Visa Application is processed by the Department of State and finalized in their home country at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. This is called Consular Processing.

Selected Entrants already living in the U.S. can apply for the visa inside the U.S. through an Adjustment of Status (AOS) procedure with USCIS. They can also opt for Consular Processing in their country of origin.

Keep your Entrant Confirmation Number safe. You can be asked to use it as log-in identifier to access information later on in your procedure.