Required Documentation

Other Permitted Proof of Birth

If your Birth Certificate is unavailable you must obtain a Certified Statement or Affidavit with the reason why it is not available. This statement must be issued by the appropriate government authority.

With the statement you must include ‘secondary’ evidence. This can be:

  • a signed and dated letter from a close relative, preferably your mother, with the date and the place of your birth, the names of both your parents, and your mother’s maiden name


  • a Baptismal Certificate containing the date and place of your birth and both your parent’s names, providing the baptism took place shortly after your birth


  • an adoption decree in case you were adopted
Certificate Later Established

If your Country of Birth has a system where Birth Certificates are not established at birth but at a later date, you must obtain a Certified Statement or Affidavit from the appropriate government agency stating this is standard procedure.
You must then include this statement with your Birth Certificate.