You Got the Visa !

Mailing of Green Card

Green Cards are only mailed inside the U.S.
The address cannot be a post office box but must be a street address.
If you do not have a U.S. address you can give the address of a U.S. relative or friend.

Another option is to rent a mailbox at a Mailboxes Store in the place where you intend to live. To rent a box you must usually go to the store in person to sign the contract and pay a safety deposit. Bring photo identification.
Mailboxes stores have a street address so your Green Card can be sent there. When you give the address put the letters ‘C/O’ for ‘in care of’ in front of your name.

Nota Bene. If your spouse kept her maiden name do not forget to register her name too at the store !

Each Green Card is sent in a separate envelope. If you immigrate with family members it can take awhile for all Green Cards – Primary Card and Derivative Cards – to arrive.
If you have not received all Green Cards within one month after the first one arrived, contact USCIS.

You must also contact USCIS when a Green Card contains incorrect information or a spelling error.
Have then handy: Case Number, A-Number, POE stamped passport, other information.

To submit a U.S. address to USCIS send Form AR-11 Aliens Change of Address, AND either provide your address on-line with USCIS or call the USCIS Customer Service Center. If you submit the information on the USCIS website you can combine these requirements.

Go to for Form AR-11 and for the Customer Service phone number if you file Form AR-11 by mail.