Are You Eligible ?

Eligibility Check

Check again to make sure you were eligible to enter the DV 2018 Program and that you qualify. Only eligible/qualifying Selected Entrants can submit a Visa Application.

You must meet the requirements regarding nativity, education/work experience, self sufficiency, and not have eligibility issues.
If you immigrate with a spouse and/or a child/children they must be eligible too regarding nativity and have no issues that prevent them from getting a visa.

Nativity Requirement

The Department of State decides each year from which countries natives are eligible to participate. You are a native of the country where you were born.
Eligibility is based on your Country of Nativity and not on the country where you currently reside or the citizenship that you currently hold.

If you were born in an eligible country but moved and became a citizen of a non-eligible country you can still participate.
But if you were born in an ineligible country, moved and became a citizen of an eligible country, you cannot participated.

Possible Exceptions

The program has two exceptions to the Nativity Requirement.
This is called claiming Alternate Chargeability.