Appointments Interview & Med Exam

General Information

All Visa Applicants must undergo a Medical Examination and appear for a Visa Interview.
Most applicants finalize through Consular Processing and have the examination and the interview in their home country.

For applicants who use Status Adjustment the examination and the interview take place in the U.S. These applicants also get a Biometrics appointment.

Nota Bene: Arrive on time for all your appointments. Arriving 10-15 minutes early is even better !

Security Measures

U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates, and USCIS Offices, have strict security measures. Doctor’s offices, clinics, and medical facilities, usually have similar rules.

You cannot bring a cell phone or a computer. Most Embassies/Consulates, USCIS Offices/Centers have no facilities to hold items for you but some do. Check into this beforehand.
Often shops and restaurants in the vicinity offer short term storage for a fee.


All Visa Applicants are fingerprinted. Usually this is done during the Visa Interview. A special fee can then be charged and must be paid in cash.

For applicants in the U.S. fingerprinting is part of the Biometrics appointment.

Based on the prints the FBI runs background and security checks.
Your fingerprints stay on file with the FBI.