Adjustment of Status

Most Topics have information important to ALL DV Applicants. Some Topics have separate Entries for AOS Applicants. Information given in other Topics/Entries is not repeated here.

I-485 Application

If you are a Selected Entrant already residing in the U.S. you are allowed to apply for your Green Card through Adjustment of Status (AOS). Family members living with you in the U.S. can also file for AOS.
You must be certain that you can maintain legal status on your current Non-Immigrant visa(s) until the Green Card is approved.

With your AOS Application you need to include proof that you are and have been in valid status while staying in the U.S. Information regarding valid status is also required from family members immigrating with you.

Before you decide for Status Adjustment weigh your options carefully. Especially if you have a high ranking Case Number.

If you are already applying for Status Adjustment based on an employment based petition discuss your status as Selected Entrant with the attorney handling your case.

Nota Bene: AOS Applicants will NOT receive a notice from USCIS that it is time to submit the I-485 Application but are themselves responsible for a timely submission based on Visa Bulletin news.