Requirements to enter the Diversity Visa Lottery will change with the coming lottery, DV-2021. This was announced in the Federal Register (a publication of the US Government about changes in regulations of federal agencies).

Entrants must now include on the Entry Form the number of their passport, the name of the country/authority that issued the passport and the expiration date.
The requirement only applies to the principal petitioner, not to his/her derivatives (spouse, child/children) listed when entering.

The requirement is waived is the entrant is stateless or a national of a communist-controlled country, unable to obtain a passport, or the beneficial of a passport-waiver issued by DHS and DOS.

Furthermore it is now explicitly stated that individuals who enter but not provide all required information on their Entry Form will be immediately disqualified.
“Current instructions are not clear that failure to provide that information results in mandatory disqualification” according to the US Department of State.

What does this new rule mean ?

Until now a passport was not needed to enter the DV Lottery. It became only necessary when an entrant was “selected for further processing”, which means allowed to apply for a Diversity Visa. But starting with DV-2021 a valid, unexpired international travel passport is required to submit the Entry Form.

Why is this rule implemented ?

The State Department encountered more and more fraudulent entries each year. Criminals even submitted Entry Forms for individuals without their knowledge, then blackmailed them when they were selected.

Will this effect DV-2020 Selectees ?

No. The rules for DV-2020 will stay as they were.