• When you do not timely leave the US, you are in unauthorized overstay.
    An overstay can cause serious trouble the next time you want to visit to US.
    People have been detained in holding cells and put on the next plane back because of an unintended overstay of ONE day during a previous visit.


  • You can have a delay in leaving the US that is beyond your control. Such as cancelled or delayed flight, a medical emergency that requires doctor’s care, etc.
    These delays are not considered unauthorized overstays.
  • However, you must bring proof of the cause of your overstay the next time you travel to the U.S.
  • For airline delays, ask the airline for a letter affirming the delay and a copy of your cancelled boarding pass.
  • For medical emergencies, ask for a letter from the doctor that treated you or bring other proof you were given medical attention.

To prevent a delay from happening it is best not to book a return flight on the last day of your stay but one or two days earlier.